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Elite XL Basic Package (XLBasicPack)

Elite XL Basic Package
Elite XL Basic Package
  • Makes 9,500 gallons of nutrient at normal strength for large full Sun plants.
  • Makes 19,000 gallons of nutrient for lettuce and other shade crops.
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All packages come with One Constant Feed Growers Manual for consistent production, One Feeding Schedule and Free Shipping.

The XL Basic Package comes with:

  • One 40 pound pail of Elite Micro – Micro nutrients plus NPK, an awesome blend.
  • One 40 pound pail of Elite Grow – Nitrogen and Calcium plus extra non-plant food ingredients.
  • One 40 pound pail of Elite Bloom – Phosphorus and Potassium to enhance root and bud development.
  • One 1 Gallon bottle Essential Flora Extract – Highly concentrated organics applied at ¼ ml per gallon. A low carbon foot print to keep the root’s osmotic transfer rate high.
  • One 1 Gallon bottle of USB – The Ultimate Seaweed Blend
  • One 1 Gallon bottle of On Schedule – This product helps the grower get an enhanced bloom seen at harvest and to determine when plants will set bud. Used in the last 10 days of vegetation, just before placing plants into bloom.
  • One 1 Quart bottle of Cal Mag eXtreme – This product helps plants that want just a little more calcium and magnesium.
  • One 16 ounce bottle of Vita Grow RTU Rooting Compound – Give your cuttings the boost they need to get rooting in as little as 3 seconds.
  • One 1 Quart bottle of Clone Guard – Spray on leaves/stems when taking cuttings. Spray on all clones before bringing them into the garden. The ultimate barrier protection against garden pests and powdery mildew.
  • One 1 Gallon bottle Z7 Enzyme Cleanser – Newest technology! This product makes plants grow like crazy, revives sickly plants. Highly concentrated and applied at ½ ml per gallon

Makes 9,500 gallons of nutrient at normal strength for large full Sun plants. Makes 19,000 gallons of nutrient for lettuce and other shade crops.

Our plant food packages will propel you into a professional constant feed program allowing you to BRAND your produce. You will never be known for quality produce without consistency in plant growth. The products included in the package are of the highest quality and include technology breakthroughs in plant nutrition. Using all of the products will give you a consistent high quality plant growth for an affordable price. The plant food has been formulated to work with all hydroponic growing systems but excels in top feed to waste because it has been formulated to be used in low doses. This makes it one of the most economical plant foods on the market and it is a perfect match for the ECWAM (electrical conductivity waste analyzing method) developed by Gordon Redman.

Gordon Redman's easy to understand 20 page professional/commercial constant feed grower's manual comes with every package. It will teach you the proper plant food application techniques for production; explain ECWAM and how to make it work for you. These techniques are derived from the science of growing plants so they are very different from what the hobby industry teaches. The grower’s manual is only available to those who are running the Flying Skull line of products.

To start using the Flying Skull plant food line you will need these 7 basics products: Elite Micro, Elite Grow, Elite Bloom, Z7, Essential Flora Extract, USB and On Schedule. Since there are only seven products, with one of them used for only 10 to 14 days of the plant’s life cycle, Flying Skull highly recommends growers use all of them. Flying Skull is a stand-alone plant food line; no other amendment or additive is recommended. By using only the Flying Skull line, you are assured that no adverse chemical reactions will occur by mixing mismatched products. Flying Skull’s Cal Mag Extreme is used only when absolutely necessary as the amount of magnesium can be increased by using more of the Elite Micro fertilizer should the grower desire to alter the basic recipe for a particular variety or strain of plant.

From clone to harvest, Z7 and Essential Flora Extract are always added to the water as they promote high volumes of minerals and amino acids entering the vascular system of the plants. With dilution rates at ½ ml per gallon of water for Z7 and ¼ ml per gallon of water for the Essential Flora Extract, you can see they are very concentrated and cost effective.

It is how you modify the amounts of Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom that pushes your plants from vegetation growth into bloom growth. It is this concept that keeps the grower from having to purchase multiple products that virtually do the same thing. In other words, Flying Skull is formulated in such a manner that it costs less to obtain superior plant growth and consistent harvests.

All three parts of the main plant food (Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom) plus Z7 and Essential Flora Extract are used in the first week or two of plant growth. While the plants are in vegetation mode the extra phosphorous and potassium from the Elite Bloom invigorates the roots and pushes them into growing strong and in abundance. 7 to 14 days after being placed into the vegetation area from clone/seed, Elite Bloom is no longer used and only Elite Micro, Elite Grow, Z7 and Essential Flora Extract are used.

A week before switching to the bloom 12/12 lighting cycle, Elite Micro, Elite Grow, Elite Bloom, Z7, Essential Flora Extract, USB and On Schedule are used. Note that Elite Bloom has been added again and On Schedule is sprayed on the leaves every day until the plants are placed into the 12/12 lighting cycle. The extra phosphorous and potassium coming from the Elite Bloom and On Schedule helps to build enhanced bud and blooms. As you can see, you can do a lot with only three main plant foods and four additives!

In the last week of flowering and into harvest, only Z7 and Essential Flora Extract are used. Although some grower’s continue to use Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom until 3 days before harvest.

The Flying Skull Elite plant food line is comprised of highly soluble nutrients and additives. It was formulated to deliver high quality soluble nutrients to plants at lower EC/PPM levels. The basic formula consists of a three part fertilizer (Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom) and the additives Z7, Essential Flora Extract and On Schedule.

In most cases the grower will find that by simply following the feeding schedule, plant growth will be excellent. However, the way in which these three fertilizers were created gives the grower the ability to easily modify the basic formula for his or her particular plants.

Slightly increasing the Elite Micro’s basic dose of ½ teaspoon can show significant improvements in plant development on plant varieties or strains looking for higher levels of Magnesium, Zinc and Boron. Likewise, slightly increasing the Elite Bloom’s basic dose of ¼ teaspoon per gallon of water can show improvements in vascular development and enhanced bud and bloom in the 12/12 lighting cycle.

The point here is that with other plant food lines there can be many different additional additives needed to be purchased to enhance plant growth while Flying Skull can do it with a few plant foods and a few additives used at very low doses.

The basic three part formula (Elite Micro, Elite Grow and Elite Bloom) is non organic and is free of large particulate. This is important to growers who use hydroponic systems like Deep Water Culture, since inanimate slime (stemming from organic particulate) is the leading cause of plant death and system failure in these systems.

Essential Flora Extract is a steeped and highly-concentrated soluble additive formulated to work with the basic three part formulas. Most growers have experienced what happens when organic particulate clog the root’s delicate permeable membrane; pH starts to fluctuate, roots discolor, root rot takes the life of the plant and harvest is non-existent. Essential Flora Extract can deliver the proper balance of amino acids to the plant without clogging the root’s membrane like most other organic additives can. Essential Flora Extract has been used in all hydroponic systems including Deep Water Culture without a negative impact to the plant's delicate root system.

On Schedule helps the grower master the timing of harvests. Just like the baker’s doughnuts; product must come out of the oven on time, tasting, chewing and smelling the same as they did yesterday. Interrupting the timely offering of product could force his patrons to find a consistent source of good tasting doughnuts somewhere else and never come back. On Schedule is simply sprayed onto the plants each day during the last 10 day period before turning lighting systems to 12 ON 12 OFF. Some growers are experimenting with adding On Schedule to the plant feed in low doses (formula manufactured after 01.01.16). This has shown real promise in giving the growers an advantage in flower and bud development. Find out more about this in the FAQ section of this website.

Z7, Flying Skull’s enzymatic cleanser, is used whenever water is being used. Yes, that means clone/seed through harvest. Its revolutionary enzymatic probiotic formula is unequaled in the world today. Z7 keeps roots cleansed and free of bio film, the main cause of root death and low yields. The assurance that water, mineral ions and oxygen will pass through the root’s permeable membrane is essential when nurturing plants to grow to their true genetic potential. Z7 will keep buckets, tanks, pipes, pumps and more just as clean as the root system. Z7 is just short of miraculous in its ability to assure proper osmotic transfer to the root system and reduce pH swings in hydroponic and soil systems.

USB (Ultimate Seaweed Blend) is a variety of hand pick seaweed from the USA. It has the ability to enhance the smell and flavor of produce while strengthening the plant cell/vascular system. Used at ½ ml per gallon of water the formula is concentrated and economical to use.

Flying Skull’s Elite pH Up and Elite pH Down are formulated to work with the chemistry involved in the whole Flying Skull line. Using it as directed will keep mineral ions from forming insoluble compounds.

5 Stars
Holy Wow
No problem competing with my competition, they have to keep up with me now! And I consistently blow them away. I just can't believe how good they look! Thanks for being my mentor!!
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Reviewed by:  on 8/16/2014
5 Stars
Best Iv'e ever seen
I can't believe the growth Gordon, I had no idea what I was missing! Thank you so much from everyone in my family!!
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Reviewed by:  on 6/15/2014
5 Stars
The Results Your Looking For
I have been an indoor gardener for years. I have had multiple little issues with the promise that if I use one more 50-200$ additive it would fix the problem. None of those companies can explain why or how it works, they just want to move products. We just want something to work.There's a reason I found Flying Skull, and there's a reason you did. This line of food is based on science not gimmick. All of your pink stems, curled leaves, bug issues, mold issues, and just common growing issues that seem to have gardeners chasing their tails are fixed. This program also helps to explains why you have those issues and why Flying Skull solves them. When you see your plants growth potential at 100 % and you are consistent with your harvest you will see just how happy your garden and you can be. This stuff and the inventor of it are one of a kind. If you follow the constant feed manual and the feed program you will be amazed. Congratulations to you if you use this product.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer) on 4/22/2014
5 Stars
Best starter kit available!!
The Elite starter kit is the most comprehensive package available anywhere at any price. It includes everything you need to grow, flower, propagate, and protect your investment. It is the only kit anywhere to include complete protection from all pests on your plant and, even in the soil! The Nuke-Em includes protection from the dreaded mildews and fungus's that can devastate your crop quickly. Your delicate clones are completely protected from Wilt, Mites, and mildews via the clone guard. It creates a barrier of protection that will have you cloning with 100% success rate, in no time at all. The Z7 water conditioner is my personal favorite. It keeps your roots white and clean, while eliminating the slime that prevents your roots from absorbing nutes. The z7 works great with the flora extract to remove chlorine and condition your water. The On Schedule will help you better judge when it's time to harvest. Your harvest will be done on time, every time. Lastly it includes top quality 3 part fertilizer that you can customize any way you want. And no, I don't work for these guys.
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Reviewed by:  (Verified Buyer) on 3/10/2014
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